We partner with entrepreneurs and business owners by providing capital investment, strategic resources, and human capital to help companies achieve their full potential. We focus on opportunities where we can partner with management and clinicians to unlock value and build higher performing, more efficient businesses. We are team players who believe that a culture of collaboration, shared ownership, and aligned incentives create long-term success for all stakeholders. 

Our vision is to create a scaled platform of retail healthcare clinics throughout the United States. TAG is backed by investors with a mandate to partner with owners in the retail healthcare space. Our mission is to build a platform where all stakeholders benefit from growth and value creation. TAG’s platform offers business owners and clinicians the benefits of being a part of a larger organization and allows them to focus on the everyday business. TAG is able to assist with key commercial functions, while allowing clinicians to focus on patients and providing the highest level of care.

What makes us different
  • We are team players dedicated to a culture of partnership and shared success for all stakeholders
  • We know what we don't know and expect any changes to the business will be made together
  • We don’t sacrifice our core values of excellence, integrity, and stewardship
  • We are focused on growth, not cutting costs
  • We back each company we invest in and support our partners with significant time and resources
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Patrick Fong is a partner and co-founder of TAG. Prior to The Allston Group, Patrick was an investment professional at TPG, a investment firm with $100B+ of assets under management, where he focused on technology investing for the buyout and growth equity platforms. Previously, Patrick was in the investment banking division at Evercore.

Patrick received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Stern School of Business, where he graduated Valedictorian, at New York University.

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Jake Meister is a partner and co-founder of TAG. Prior to founding TAG, Jake spent time in private equity at Dominus Capital and in investment banking at Goldman Sachs.

Jake received a B.A. from Vanderbilt University where he graduated magna cum laude.

Financials & Operations

In most of our partner practices, we seek a majority ownership interest with at least one remaining clinician retaining a minority interest.

This allows for a true partnership based on an alignment of goals and incentives.

The minority partner is often the current owner who retains some ownership with a built-in exit strategy that allows them to monetize their ownership over time. A current clinician may also build an ownership interest over time. We are flexible in terms of structuring our ownership structures to align interests for all stakeholders. 

How We Work

We allow clinicians to focus on patient care, unburdened by the demands of running the commercial side of the business. We work closely with owners and staff to create a strong infrastructure and culture that takes care of all non-patient care functions. We draw on our own commercial expertise, along with a network of other experts and resources, to help each of our practices grow.

Our strategy calls for multiple practices and owners to work together in the same geography. This allows for collaboration within the group from both a medical and practice management standpoint. Our network also allows owners to share resources and practices within the group for the benefit of the group.

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